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Infrastructure & Services

Development of clinical biological sample bank : isolation of DNA, RNA and proteins from peripheral blood mononuclear cells and tissue, isolation of free DNA in serum, isolation of mtDNA, DNA and RNA in saliva

Development of highly integrated databases of biological and clinical data for genotype-phenotype correlation discovery, diagnostic and prognostic purposes as well as prediction modeling

Development of cost-effective, high-throughput and reliable SNP genotypization and qRT-PCR gene expression analysis

Development of genome-wide or transcriptome-wide experimental studies

Development of bioinformatic frameworks for statistical genetic analysis and prediction modeling

Development of genotype and gene expression profiles with diagnostic or prognostic value in complex diseases and cancer

Important Equipment

MiSeq system

Next generation DNA nucleotide sequence analysis system - Illumina MiSeq

QuantStudio 12K Flex syste

Real-time PCR, digital PCR and genotyping system - Life Technologies QuantStudio 12K Flex