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1. E-learning support

Faculty of Medicine is using the University’s e-learning system, which is accessible at estudij.um.si

The system is connected to the Academic Information SubSystem (AIPS) which allows that all students, teaching staff and subjects are in the e-learning system. It is based on the e-learning software platform Moodle (moodle.org) that is being used in over 70.000 teaching institutions around the world.

Students log in the system by using the procedure of AIPS!

Teachers have to apply for username and password contacting alojz.tapajner@um.si

On teachers’ request presentations of e-learning and workshops for use of Moodle are organized. In the case of interest, please contact prof. Dejan Dinevski at dejan.dinevski@um.si

2. Virtual patients

Virtual patients are an interactive computerized simulation of real-life clinical scenarios. It is a relatively fresh e-learning technology that uses multimedia, interactive elements and simulation of clinical work with patients. Detailed description of the teaching technology behind virtual patients, construction of cases, its use and role in medicine have been well described in this article. Authors also write about the beginnings and development of use of virtual patients at Faculty of Medicine University of Maribor.

We use the MedU system (www.med-u.org) for virtual patients. The system has been built and is maintained by a consortium of more than 120 medical schools in USA and Canada.

Accessing instructions:

Students: Can only be invited to join. In case invitation was not received please contact the lecturer.

Lecturers: If you want to use virtual patients as an assistant, mentor or professor in a teaching process (in these roles you get additional information and management access for supervising students’ progress), please send a request to prof. Dejan Dinevski.






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