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The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Maribor (MFUM) is an educational and research institution at which we educate students to acquire knowledge and skills needed for prevention of diseases, maintenance and recovery of health; an institution where we, within institutes, implement research work and where we are, besides this, concerned with integrated and sustainable development of an individual and social responsibility.


Our vision is to become a respectable, desirable, established, safe, internationally oriented and recognizable educational and research institution with the elements of excellence and to be a part of close and distant environment, known for knowledge and competency of physicians whom it had educated, professors, researchers and technical staff who work in it and known for moral standards which adorn it.

We will be concerned with consistent development of all chairs and institutes and also with the development of our clinical teaching bases. With intensive international exchanges of students and professors we will facilitate, for students and professors, acquiring of additional knowledge and experiences. An important task for the future is intensification of research work, especially basic research, which we will achieve in cooperation with other faculties at the University of Maribor which have already now been included as partners at the postgraduate study programme Biomedical technology, in cooperation with the University Clinical Centre Maribor and in cooperation with our partner faculties within the European Union. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Maribor will endeavour to continually renew study programmes in the sense of modernization, while cooperating with students and taking into consideration guidelines which are formed by international organizations such as AMSE (Association of Medical Schools in Europe) and AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe). For this purpose, a curriculum committee has been established which is responsible for constant modernization of curricula.


Our basic values and tasks are:

  1. To be an open educational institution of highest quality.
  2. Highest ethical values.
  3. Equality and partnership of all collaborators.
  4. Nurturing academic freedom.

The basic task of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Maribor as an educational institution of future physicians is education of our graduate in the technical sense and also in the sense of ethical norms. Competencies which must be mastered by our graduates are in congruence with competencies encompassed in the national Blue Book on education of physicians and also with the standards of our partner European faculties.


Quod serimus metimus, quod damus accipimus.
What we sow, we reap, what we give, we get.






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